Audio / Video Installation Methodology

1. Pre-Installation

  • Co-ordinate with construction planning to provide appropriate infrastructure for the OASYS systems.
  • Provide onsite validation of infrastructure installation prior to commencement of OASYS systems installation.
  • Validate camera, scope and other device requirements for integration into OASYS systems.
  • Provide custom programming as required to implement control of customer’s devices.

2. Communications

  • Co-ordinate with onsite Information Technology specialists to assist in integration of existing hardware (where applicable).
  • Co-ordinate with other suppliers to schedule timely delivery and installation of required mounted solutions.

3. System Testing

  • Conduct full system tests of the custom configuration prior to installation.
  • All tests are fully documented following our ISO 13485:2003 certification.

4. Implementation

  • Provide all cabling and interconnect devices for the installation of the OASYS systems.
  • Installation of the OASYS control system at the Hospital’s location in the rooms as defined by the purchase agreement.
  • Validate the complete installation including controlled devices prior to commissioning of the system.

5. Training

  • Complete on-site training of surgical staff including hands on demostrations.
  • Complete on-site training of biomedical staff and hands on use of OASYS systems

6. Go Live Support

  • On-site Go Live Support for the start of surgeries by an OASYS Technical Staff member.
  • Complimentary follow up visit after Go Live date.

7. Maintenance

  • OASYS Healthcare provides a support portal for Hospital use, this includes ticketing system, documentation, and FAQs.
  • Remote diagnostic support.

Installation wiring monitor


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