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“OASYS Healthcare was recommended for having plug and play spring arms that worked with all Big Box companies lighting systems. They have a great understanding of the Operating room surgical lighting arm marketplace and work very closely with our vendors of choice.”
Dennis Librandi
M-I-T (Medical Installation Technologies)
“OASYS has proven to be a fantastic vendor-neutral partner that is cost-effective, high-quality and easy to work with. They have been a great solution provider for many customers, replacing suspension arms to accommodate larger monitors and making the upgrade to newer technology seamless. The team and its solutions are outstanding. We had an excellent experience working with them.”
Eric Butler
Sr. Director – Surgical Imaging & Integration
OASYS Central Axis
“As Waldmann Lighting, we are delighted to recommend OASYS as our trusted supplier. OASYS consistently delivers exceptional service, top-quality products, and prompt deliveries. Thanks to OASYS, we can provide our customers with superior lighting solutions, enhancing their experiences with our products.”
Les Kaminski
Vice President of Operations and Product Management – Waldmann Lighting
“OASYS has been a long time, valued supplier of arm systems for our medical lights. Rob and his team have always been very responsive and collaborative, but especially so during the last couple of years with the supply chain challenges facing all of us. As having the industry best delivery performance and quality standards are key objectives for Burton Medical, we value our partnerships with suppliers like OASYS who share these core values.”
Jim White
CFO – Burton Medical Devices

The OASYS Healthcare management team has over 50 years of providing OEM medical solutions to our valued partners globally.

OASYS is a customer-oriented company with the shortest lead times in our field. We pride ourselves on providing the most innovative medical spring arms, mounting, support and mobility solutions in the industry.

Our products support Examination Lights, Operating Room Lights, Medical Monitors, Cameras and much more. OASYS products are crucial to doctors and surgeons that rely on our quality products to provide the best possible patient outcomes.


OASYS Healthcare is committed to using environmentally sustainable materials and processes throughout the production cycle.

We as a company reduce, reuse and recycle in a safe friendly manner. OASYS packaging consist of 90% recycled materials and we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our ecological footprint.


Quality comes first

Quality is the number one priority at OASYS Healthcare; as our President says, “We have to be able to sleep at night, we cannot let our customer be the first line of defence."

Quality tested at more than 5 times the cycles of our competitors

Throughout the design process, our products go through rigorous stress and cycle testing. We test at a minimum of 5 x times the cycles of any of our nearest competitors.

Longest lasting spring arms in the industry

Our products are the highest quality and longest lasting in the industry; making your decision to partner with OASYS a long term and sound investment.

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