Clinical Training Overview

Once the video integration system is installed, OASYS Healthcare will conduct onsite in-service training to the clinicians responsible for using the system. The training will take place in multiple half hour sessions. The following topics will be covered:

  • System start up and shutdown
  • System operation of video routing, device control and audio playback
  • Use of system presets
  • Accessing help information
  • Troubleshooting procedures

Upon completion of this training course, all clinicians will be fully trained on the system operation and troubleshooting procedures.

Bio-medical Training Overview

Bio-medical training will take place in four hour sessions during the period between installation and customer acceptance. Bio-medical training will include all sections of the clinical training listed above plus the following:

  • General system maintenance
  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • System design using OASYS Configurator
  • Using remote diagnostics
  • Service and support procedures

At the completion of this training, the bio-medical technician will be able to perform first level response.

OASYS Training


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