OASYS HDr (High Definition Recorder)

Technical Specifications
Compression H.264
Encoding Supports Hardware and Software encoding
Supported Resolutions NTSC, PAL, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Quality options 21Mb/s, 14Mb/s, 7Mb/s
Storage Upgradable storage starting at 1TB
Recording types HD Videos and Digital still Images
External recording Attached USB drive, Save to cloud
File containers MP4 and BMP

The OASYS HDr is fully integrated into the OASYS View software providing full control of the recorder from the nurses' touch screen. The OASYS HDr does not take up any valuable space in your operating room, as it is built directly into the control system thus infection control becomes a non-issue. Digital image capture, full recordings with playback availability on screen giving you flexibility and multiple options. OASYS HDr provides capabilities to record to flash media and the cloud.


  • Records to the widely accepted H.264 MP4 and BMP standards
  • Provides the ability to capture the best quality HD video and images from the case
  • Able to record from any surgical device
  • Simultaneous recording to a USB drive
  • Clear and visible indicator of current recording or playback state
  • Customizable file names
  • Login credentials required, supporting HIPAA compliance


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