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OASYS Healthcare Elite Series Medical Spring Arm

OASYS Elite Series Spring Arms


OASYS Healthcare is proud to announce the release of the OASYS Elite series Spring Arms!

Now available to everyone, the OASYS Elite product line is specially engineered to be the most durable and longest lasting spring arm on the market. Our customers will agree that this is the highest quality spring arm available today.

120° Vertical Range:

The Elite Series spring arms are the only medical spring arms developed with a vertical range of 120°.

These specially engineered spring arms provide a vertical range of +45° and -75°. This unique design was created to make the spring arm more versatile for medical professionals to use in all types of surgical procedures.

Its unique design provides unmatched flexibility within hospital operating rooms, ensuring that healthcare professionals are not restricted by their equipment during surgical and examination procedures.

Unmatched Quality

OASYS Elite spring arms are built to last. These specially engineered spring arms have surpassed 135,000 cycles outlasting the longevity of any spring arm on the market.  

To ensure that we continue to provide the highest quality products, the Elite Series spring arms are cycled at a full range of motion, from the upper range of 45 degrees down to the lower range of 75 degrees and back up to the upper range of 45 degree (a total of 240°); at least 3 – 4 times the range of any of our competitors.

New Cover Design:

The OASYS Elite series cover design was developed to make the installation and servicing easier for biomed professionals. 

The new design allows for adjustments to be made to the spring arm without having to remove the covers. Height limit and spring tension adjustments are easily accessible for customers to adjust in the field.

In addition, the spring tension can be adjusted from both the top and bottom of the spring arm to make maintenance easier when dealing with ceiling mounted support systems.

Furthermore, the covers provide generous cable management abilities allowing for a variety of cables to pass through with ease. 

Different Styles:

The Elite Series line consists of 3 different styles of spring arms. Each spring arm is designed to meet the specific needs of OASYS customers.


The 2075 spring arm is offered in load ranges of 3-13kg (7-29lbs) and 10-20kg (22-44lbs). Its unique design allows for unmatched longevity and flexibility. 

Matching the industry standards, the 2075 Spring Arm uses a 32mm stem allowing it to pair with both OASYS’ and competitors’ support systems.


Specially designed to handle heavier loads, the more robust 3075 spring arm is offered in load ranges of 10-20kg (22-44lbs) and 20-30kg (44-66lbs). 

The 3075 Spring Arm uses a 40mm stem allowing it to pair with both OASYS and competitor support systems.


The LCH75 spring arm is specially engineered for low ceiling height environments and is offered in load ranges of 100-195Nm and 150-245Nm.

Customization Options:

OASYS Elite Series Spring Arms come equipped with a variety of customization options.

  • Available with a full 360° rotation, or the option of a 330° rotational stop.
  • Available in a variety of weight ranges to suit each customers specific requirements.
  • Variety of electrical options available
    • 3 pole slip rings
    • 5 pole slip rings
    • 9 pole slip rings
    • Customizable Connectors
    • No Electrical
  • Stand out amongst the competition by adding custom colour options to the Spring Arm.
  • Customizable plug covers provide a unique look.

Mounting Options:

Like all OASYS spring arms, the Elite Series is offered with a variety of mounting options:

  • Mobile Floor Stand
  • Wall Mount
  • Ceiling Mount
  • Dual Ceiling Mount
  • Central Axis

Committed to Quality, Committed to You.