OASYS Healthcare – Movember Foundation

OASYS Healthcare Movember Foundation

This November OASYS Healthcare employees are taking part in Movember, a cause where we grow moustaches to support men’s health. The organization raises funds to take on mental health, suicide, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer.

Growing a moustache is like wearing a symbol representing healthier men and a healthier world, all November long. It tells everyone you walk past that a healthier world matters.

The OASYS team has set a fundraising goal of $2000 to help support men struggling with various health issues. Our objective is to provide the support and resources needed to help men live healthier and happier lives.

Looking to donate to the OASYS Movember fundraiser? Click here.


Take a look at some shocking statistics that show why this foundation is so important:

Mental Health

  • Globally, on average, 1 man dies by suicide every minute of every day.
  • In Canada, 3 out of 4 suicides are by men.

Prostate Cancer

  • 1 in 8 men in Canada will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.
  • Globally, more than 1.4 million men were diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2020
  • Across Canada, there are more than 217,000 men living with and beyond prostate cancer. Many are dealing with serious side effects from treatment.

Testicular Cancer

  • It’s the most common cancer in young Canadian men.
  • At greater than 95%, the odds of survival for men with testicular cancer are better than good – but for some men, long-term treatment-related side effects, mean quality of life is severely compromised.
For more information on the Movember Foundation, check out their website.

Committed to Quality, Committed to You.

NEW OASYS Product Matrix

OASYS Healthcare Product Matrix

OASYS Healthcare is always trying to find new and creative ways to make customers’ lives easier. That is why we are happy to introduce the new OASYS Product Matrix that allows customers to quickly discover what product is best suited for them.

OASYS Healthcare offers a variety of medical devices including central axis, medical spring arms, monitor yokes, and slip rings. With our wide range of products, it can be difficult to figure out what OASYS product is right for you.

That is why the product matrix takes customers through the same step-by-step process that OASYS sales associates would go through with new and existing customers. It allows customers to gain a good understanding of what product they are looking for before even talking to an OASYS representative.

Furthermore, the product matrix allows specific customization to be made to ensure that all customers’ specific needs are met. The customizations include colour, load range, device end, and much more.

Happy with what you have found? The OASYS product matrix will send you an email with your results so that you can easily contact us for a product enquiry. Our hardworking sales and support team will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Click here to try the OASYS Product Matrix and see how OASYS can best serve you!

Committed to Quality, Committed to You.

OASYS Healthcare Slogan

OASYS Quality Assurance

Committed to Quality, Committed to You.


At OASYS Healthcare, we are Committed to Quality.

As a company we have always prided ourselves on delivering the highest quality medical devices in the industry. We ensure that all our products including our central axis, spring arms, monitor yokes, and slip rings will meet and even exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our products are rigorously tested at a minimum of 2 x the amount of any other spring arm in the market. Thus, proving that we have the most durable, highest quality, and longest lasting products available. We sleep well at night knowing that our customers are getting the expected quality products they deserve.  

For a closer look at the variety of products that OASYS offers, click here.

At OASYS Healthcare, we are Committed to You.

We understand the importance of building strong relationships with our customers. That is why our customer support and sales teams work tirelessly to ensure that we meet our customer’s unique and specific needs. Our commitment to customer satisfaction separates us from the competition and we make every effort to ensure that this standard is always met.

OASYS focuses on manufacturing spring arms and mounting solutions, and we will happily review customizing our solutions to meet your specific needs.  We are an extension of you; we are your cooperative partner working towards a win/win outcome. We see the importance of working with other businesses to achieve a common goal and hope to continue building these relationships going forward.

For a look at some of our customer testimonials please click here.

OASYS Healthcare Releases NEW Product Catalogue

OASYS Healthcare Product Catalogue

We are happy to introduce the new and improved OASYS Healthcare Product Catalogue!

The new product catalogue comes equipped with everything you will need to know about the products that OASYS Healthcare offers. From Spring Arms to Slip Rings, we have you covered!

Look and see the variety of ways that OASYS can help you and your business become more successful! 

For a more detailed look at each product, go to the OASYS Products Page to learn more.

Like something you see? Contact us by email at sales@oasyshealthcare.com or by phone at 905-852-3399. Our sales team will be happy to answer any questions you may have 😊

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OASYS Healthcare Local Sponsor

OASYS Healthcare Local Sponsor

At OASYS Healthcare, we understand the importance of giving back to the community. That is why we always make sure to sponsor youth teams to provide opportunities for children growing up in our beautiful town of Uxbridge.

We think that sports can be very beneficial in the  development of children because it teaches them valuable lessons about teamwork and determination.

OASYS has sponsored over 50 teams in the local community. We think it is important to help provide the tools necessary to become successful in sports. 

This year, we sponsored a youth baseball team who is rocking the OASYS logo. Good luck this season!!

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