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OASYS Quality Assurance

OASYS Healthcare Slogan

Committed to Quality, Committed to You.


At OASYS Healthcare, we are Committed to Quality.

As a company we have always prided ourselves on delivering the highest quality medical devices in the industry. We ensure that all our products including our central axis, spring arms, monitor yokes, and slip rings will meet and even exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our products are rigorously tested at a minimum of 2 x the amount of any other spring arm in the market. Thus, proving that we have the most durable, highest quality, and longest lasting products available. We sleep well at night knowing that our customers are getting the expected quality products they deserve.  

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At OASYS Healthcare, we are Committed to You.

We understand the importance of building strong relationships with our customers. That is why our customer support and sales teams work tirelessly to ensure that we meet our customer’s unique and specific needs. Our commitment to customer satisfaction separates us from the competition and we make every effort to ensure that this standard is always met.

OASYS focuses on manufacturing spring arms and mounting solutions, and we will happily review customizing our solutions to meet your specific needs.  We are an extension of you; we are your cooperative partner working towards a win/win outcome. We see the importance of working with other businesses to achieve a common goal and hope to continue building these relationships going forward.

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