Medical Spring Arms – Light Duty Line

OASYS Healthcare Dual Ceiling Mount

The OASYS Healthcare light duty family comprises the Swing and Ultra-Light Duty (ULD) product lines. The two lines are considered two of the most versatile medical spring arms on the market.

The OASYS Swing, a versatile suspension system for loads up to 7 kg (15 lbs), features individually designed arms tailored to specific requirements for handling cameras, examination lights, and other medical devices. They boast the widest load range on the market, making them ideal for customers with various light/monitor options.

The OASYS Ultra Light Duty (ULD) arm system presents a polished, professional appearance for minor exam lights and small task lighting, supporting loads up to 3 kg (7 lbs). This arm system, a miniature version of the OASYS SWING suspension system, facilitates ease of mobility and effortless travel for the adapted equipment.

Both the Swing and ULD lines offer a variety of mounting options, including ceiling mount, dual ceiling mount, floor stand, and wall mount. The medical spring arms are also available separately if no mounting system is required.

In addition to the range of mounting options, extensive customizations are available for both the Swing and ULD products. These include spring arm color, electrical connections, load ranges, extension arm/drop tube lengths, and more.

All OASYS products undergo testing at over twice the rate of other manufacturers, demonstrating that OASYS light duty products stand out as the most durable and longest-lasting option on the market.

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